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Jackson Hole Fishing Report | July 8th, 2024

Home Regional Jackson Hole Fishing Report | July 8th, 2024

Greetings, fellow anglers! With summer in full swing, we’ve got some exciting updates on river conditions and fishing opportunities around Jackson Hole and beyond. Here’s this week’s fishing report to help you plan your next adventure with Teton Troutfitters.

Snake River

Current Conditions: The Snake River flows have been decreased to 2,160 cfs coming out of Jackson Lake Dam. The river is clearing, and conditions are improving daily. Expect fishing opportunities to gain consistency over the next few weeks.

Fishing Tips:

  • Hatches: Look for Small Goldens, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis to be present.
  • Effective Techniques: Streamers will remain productive as conditions stabilize. Dry dropper rigs and nymphs are a sure bet until dry fly fishing picks up.
  • Pro Tip: Focus on slower water types and clear sections for the best results.

South Fork of the Snake River

Current Conditions: Flows are at 12,800 cfs with great clarity. Fishing quality is excellent and improving!

Fishing Tips:

  • Hatches: Salmonflies are buzzing around the lower river and creeping up into the Canyon. Drakes and PMDs are hatching in good numbers.
  • Effective Techniques: Dry fly fishing on riffles, flats, and recirculations is outstanding. As water temperatures warm, expect dry fly fishing to become more consistent.
  • Pro Tip: Follow the hatch progression upstream for optimal fishing.

Green River

Current Conditions: The Green River has dropped, and flows are clear, offering great floating conditions throughout the system.

Fishing Tips:

  • Hatches: Caddis, PMDs, Drakes, and Salmonflies are all present and hatching.
  • Effective Techniques: Dry dropper and single dry rigs will be productive. Streamer fishing can produce surprises with larger predatory fish on the move.
  • Pro Tip: Cover lots of water and bring your bug spray to fend off the summer insects.

Salt River

Current Conditions: The Salt River is finishing up runoff with dropping flows and increasing clarity. The river is settling down and improving for fishing.

Fishing Tips:

  • Hatches: Drakes, PMDs, Caddis, and Yellow Sallies will provide good dry dropper and dry fly fishing opportunities.
  • Effective Techniques: Streamers will be effective as the river continues to stabilize.
  • Pro Tip: Look for other angling opportunities nearby on the South Fork of the Snake and Snake River for diverse fishing experiences.

Yellowstone Park

Current Conditions: The 2024 fishing season in Yellowstone National Park is open!

Fishing Tips:

  • Western Portion (Firehole and Madison Rivers): Focus on early mornings and cooler parts of the day. Watch water temperatures closely.
  • Hatches: PMDs and Caddis are prevalent.
  • Lamar and Slough Creek: Expect these areas to begin fishing well as water levels stabilize and drop.
  • Yellowstone River: Opens on July 15th, so mark your calendars for more fishing opportunities.
  • Pro Tip: Early mornings provide the best conditions for the Firehole and Madison Rivers.

With improving conditions across all these iconic fishing locations, now is the perfect time to plan your next trip with Teton Troutfitters. Whether you’re targeting the clear waters of the Snake River or the buzzing hatches on the South Fork, there’s something for every angler this week.

Book your adventure with us and experience the best fly fishing that Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas have to offer. Tight lines and happy fishing!

Stay tuned for more updates and reports. For bookings and more information, visit Teton Troutfitters or contact us directly.

Teton Troutfitters is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date fishing conditions and expert advice to make your fishing trips successful and enjoyable. See you out on the water!

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Regional Flows

  • Temperature: 60.08 ° F
  • Streamflow: 4670 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 4.84 ft
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