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Jackson Hole Fishing Report | August 22nd, 2023

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August 22nd, 2023 Jackson Hole Fishing Report

Snake (August 22)

Late August is bringing good fishing on the upper Snake. Dry dropper setups are still king, however, we are also starting to see streamer action pick up (try throwing Dolly llamas or Lil Kims).

The Snake bumped a hundred cfs in the last couple of days, to 4100 cfs, presumably with the afternoon/evening showers the valley has been seeing. This spell of rain has dropped water temperatures a few degrees. On the 19th we saw temperatures peak above 66°, but now we’re back down to 62° (F). With forecasted precipitation, cloud cover, and air temps, we can anticipate water temperatures keeping a little cooler for the next few days. That being said, fish with a thermometer, be aware of the stress that temperatures above mid-60s put on fish and try to shift fishing times to early morning and evening if temps continue to rise.

Salt (August 22)

The Salt is well worth fishing right now. A cooler, wetter August has this river fishing very well. Hopper dropper setups are doing good things. If the big foam isn’t happening on the stretch you’re on, shifting to Nymph rigs later in the day has been productive for our guides. If it’s overcast, throwing streamers has been working very well.

Flows jumped a couple of days ago and have now leveled out at 630 cfs, at the Etna Gauge above the Palisades. Rain and thunder today might keep temps low, but forecasted above 80° temperatures will surely impact water temperatures. Enact hoot owl restrictions if necessary.

Green (August 22)

The gauge at Warren Bridge has been hovering around 365 cfs for the last couple of days. Weather has a decent chance of keeping water temps on the lower side, but bring a thermometer, and make a fish’s day by not fighting it in 66° degree water. Hopefully, these temps will bring us more bug hatches. Hoppers are a good bet if you’re hoping to throw dries, otherwise, our guides have seen the most success on streamers.

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Regional Flows

  • Temperature: 44.24 ° F
  • Streamflow: 12600 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 7.45 ft
Temperature GraphStreamflow GraphGage height Graph

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