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Jackson Hole Fishing Report | June 3rd, 2024

Home Regional Jackson Hole Fishing Report | June 3rd, 2024

Greetings, fellow anglers! As the warm weather finally begins to grace us here in Jackson Hole, it’s time to provide you with an update on the current river conditions and the best fishing strategies for the coming days. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Snake, Green, or Salt River, here’s what you need to know to maximize your fishing experience.

Snake River

Current Conditions: The Snake River flows have been increased to 4,500 cfs from Jackson Lake Dam to make room in Jackson Lake. This has resulted in off-color water conditions due to snow melt from the recent warm weather.

Fishing Tips:

  • Target Clear Water: Look for areas with clearer water. When you find these spots, focus on slower water types such as deep banks, buckets, recirculations, eddies, seam lines, and tailouts.
  • Lure Recommendations: Try using intermediate lines or light sink tips with clouser minnows, kreelexs, or other thin streamer patterns. These are particularly effective for the lake trout trapped in the discharge pool by Jackson Lake Dam.

Pro Tip: As runoff increases, conditions may become more challenging, but fishing near Jackson Lake Dam can offer some consistent opportunities.

Green River

Current Conditions: The Green River is beginning its runoff due to the recent warm weather, leading to increasing flows and diminishing clarity. However, for the next couple of weeks we should still see some great fishing before the full runoff hits. Water temperatures remain on the colder side.

Fishing Tips:

  • Focus on Nymphing and Streamer Fishing: Given the cold water temperatures, nymphing and streamer fishing will be your primary methods. Look for clear water windows for the best results.
  • Key Spots: Concentrate on slower water types such as seam lines, recirculating eddies, buckets, holes, and tailouts. These spots are prime locations for finding fish during this time of year.

Pro Tip: When flows increase and clarity diminishes even more here in the next couple of weeks, consider exploring the Snake River below Jackson Lake Dam, the South Fork of the Snake, and Henry’s Fork for consistent spring fly fishing opportunities.

Salt River

Current Conditions: The Salt River is also experiencing runoff from snow melt, resulting in increased flows and decreased clarity. Weather fluctuations can provide brief fishing windows but overall, the fishing is less than optimal.

Fishing Tips:

  • Watch the Weather: Keep an eye on the weather and river flows. Cooler weather may stall runoff and improve conditions temporarily.
  • Cold Water Fishing: Expect cold water temperatures. Nymphing and streamer fishing will be your go-to methods.
  • Potential Dry Fly Fishing: Anglers might find some dry fly fishing opportunities with BWOs, midges, and caddis when conditions are right.
  • Best Spots: Focus on deep banks, holes, tailouts, and recirculating eddies where fish tend to stack up during this time of year.

Pro Tip: While conditions can be challenging, staying vigilant and adaptable to changing weather can lead to rewarding fishing experiences, however, we recommend focusing on The Green if you are looking to move outside of Jackson Hole.

As spring progresses and runoff continues, staying informed and adapting your strategies is key to successful fishing. Teton Troutfitters is here to provide you with the latest updates and expert advice to enhance your angling adventures. Remember to target slower water types, use appropriate gear, and keep an eye on weather patterns for the best results.

Tight lines, and happy fishing!

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Regional Flows

  • Temperature: 57.74 ° F
  • Streamflow: 14400 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 8.24 ft
Temperature GraphStreamflow GraphGage height Graph

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